Hector Sosa Flores

Born and raised in San Diego, CA Hector attended school in Baja California, Mexico.


Hector Sosa Flores began his post-secondary education at Boston University where he minored in Political Science and Finance. Afterwards he took International Diplomacy in Madrid at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Once Hector completed his studies in Madrid, he returned to the U.S for further schooling.

At the University of San Diego School of Law, with cooperation from Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (UABC), Hector enrolled in their International Legal program to study comparative laws. During this time, Hector worked at his fathers law firm. His responsibilities included handling sate law and international investment law programs, such as Toyota, Samsung and Foxconn. In 2018, Hector returned to school to attended Harvard School of Business. Here he received three certifications: entrepreneurial essentials, business finance, and negotiation.


In 2013, Hector founded his first company: a focus commodity company called Axios Group, LLC. He noticed a financial niche where there were many opportunities to be a financial lender and supporter of undeveloped projects. In this role not only did Hector contribute to the economy, he also took an active stance in protecting the environment by ensuring the proper ecological measures were taken to protect the rainforest in the Amazon. Currently, Axios Group manages its own mine in Brazil and are known in South America as one of the largest gold consolidators.

In 2016, Hector founded his second company focused on software development titled Code Loft LLC. Under this company, Hector created, a software designed to simplify website building for creators at any level. Code Loft has planned to launch the beta phase of Instaweb in the summer of 2019.


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