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Hector Sosa Flores

Hector Sosa Flores is a serial entrepreneur in San Diego, California. His creations bring innovative software solutions to web developers of all levels.

Hector Sosa Flores


With degrees in political science, law, and business, Hector has founded multiple businesses. In 2013, he founded Axios Group, LLC., a focus commodity company. Hector’s next venture: Code Loft LLC.


Code Loft LLC. was founded in 2016. They provide business strategy, design user experience, web development, and web marketing services. Their newest product,, is a software designed to simplify website building.

Hector Sosa Flores
Hector Sosa Flores

Recent Media Features

With multiple degrees and businesses under his belt, it’s no wonder Hector Sosa Flores has been a popular topic covered by the press. 

Hector Sosa Flores

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Hector Sosa Flores

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